Terms of Service

onlypakistan.net is Pakistan's largest video sharing website, with a motive to provide entertainment to its users. onlypakistan.net doesn't allow copyright content on there website. If we found any user, involved in such activity, will be suspended and we don't allow him to upload videos unless he stop uploading such videos.

onlypakistan.net doesn't allow its users to share there private information, and if we found any user sharing his password to other users. His/her account will be removed permanently. Any abusive comment or using bad language in the forums will not be tolerated. 

onlypakistan.net doesn't allow its users to upload videos which contains false information, pornography, religion hatred material. If we found any video, then the user will be banned. 

This is to inform every member, don't upload videos having a duration of more than one hour. If you wish to upload long videos, make sure to convert it in parts first.

onlypakistan.net also has a photo upload section, where you're allowed to upload photos. But don't upload nude, pornographic material there. 

onlypakistan.net may change your channel username incase it is named under registered trademark or program and you are not able to verify your account.

If you have any complaints, regarding onlypakistan.net contact us at contact@onlypakistan.net